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Overview of some of the techniques used in NLP…..


What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing is the ability of the computer to understand human language as it is spoken and written. It is a part of Artificial Intelligence.

NLP is extremely popular and it is being adopted and developed constantly.

Why is NLP popular?

Most businesses generate huge amounts of unstructured, text-heavy data and there arises a need to efficiently process it.

All of the social medial platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc constantly generate large amounts of text data every second.

Understanding and generating insights from these texts is of utmost importance to the companies…

Want to know about Google Colab?? Read on…

What is Colab?

Colab is a free jupyter notebook that runs directly in the cloud. It allows developers to write and execute python code through their browser. It does not require any setup and can be directly used. The free version of colab is really powerful as it gives access to google’s GPU and TPU.

Features of Colab:

Colab has many features that set it apart from other notebooks. They are :

  1. Preinstalled Libraries:

Google Colab provides many powerful pre-installed python and machine learning libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, numpy, matplotlib, pandas etc. …

One of the Key experiences that an Undergraduate student must have is an internship. Not just any internship but one that can unlock your true potential and bring valuable skills. In my case, it has fortunately happened at “TACTLABS”.

How did I get the intern opportunity?

It was during the Covid period when one day Mr. Raja CSP Raman conducted a webinar since he wanted to hire students from our college for internships at Tactii and TactLabs. Based on our resumes we were shortlisted and given a task during the interview to prove that we are eager and enthusiastic to learn. …

Do I need to use Tensorflow or Keras for my deep learning project???

Frameworks are extremely important in deep learning.

Two of the most common frameworks used in deep learning are:

  1. Tensorflow
  2. Keras

What is Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is an open-source end-to-end framework developed by Google in order to accelerate machine learning and deep neural networks research.

It is a math library used for neural networks. All the machine learning and deep learning models such as CNN, RNN, Reinforcement learning, etc can be implemented with the help of TensorFlow.

Features of Tensorflow:

Ever wondered how we can create an assistant where it should answer the same way no matter what has happened in the conversation before!!!

Read on to find out…

To create a simple FAQ assistant, initially create a basic rasa project or open an existing project:

rasa init

To get our bot to answer FAQ questions we need to use the rule-based dialogue management policy called the “rule policy” and the “ResponseSelector”.

1) Changing the configuration Files

Why the Rule policy?

Rules allow the chatbot to answer in exactly the same way, each time the same question is asked.

Rule policy has to be added to the config.yml file.

policies:- name: RulePolicy

Why Response Selector?

ResponseSelector is used to return the correct or the most suited response for…

Use this as a cheat sheet that you can refer to…

RASA Cheat Sheet

The following are the most frequently used RASA commands:

  1. rasa init

This command is used to create the initial project structure of rasa.

2. rasa train

This command is used to train the chatbot on the nlu data and stories.

3. rasa shell

This command loads the trained model and lets us talk through the command line.

4. rasa interactive

This command starts an interactive session and new training data can be created by chatting with the chatbot.

5. rasa run

This is used to start a new server…

Often it’s a great struggle for the developers to train the chatbot to answer a different set of questions and stories which is quite a laborious work. Even after this, there is no guarantee that there are no queries from the user to which the bot might struggle to respond to. There might be numerous tedious ways to overcome this, however, RASA X provides a very good means to expedite the development of the bot.

Sharing your chatbot

How Rasa X helps in achieving this?

Rasa X provides us with 2 ways of interacting with the assistant.

  1. Rasa X talk to your bot…

Deployment on Heroku using Docker containers

This article is a sequel of my previous article where I discussed about “My RASA journey with Tact Labs”.

After the creation of the chatbot, I tried to figure out where I could deploy it. Initially I faced many problems as there were no proper tutorials available. I figured out that deployment on Heroku using docker container was the best option.


Heroku is a cloud service provider and software development platform which facilitates fast and effective building, deploying and scaling of web applications.

Its free and the deployment is really simple.

Heroku’s free tier comes with a limited amount of…

Chat bot

Have you ever wanted to create a really cool chat bot?

Do you know about the frameworks available to create one?

Read on to find out about my journey with one particular framework…

As part of my internship at Tactii and Tact Labs ,the first project that I had to work on was to create a chat bot with the RASA framework. The first thing that got me curious was about why I was told to work with this particular framework when many more existed.

What is RASA?

Rasa is an open source machine learning framework for building AI assistants and chat bots.

Have you ever switched to a new OS all of a sudden?

What was the experience like for the first time?

Read on to find out about my experience.

I am Atul Lakkapragada, Computer Science and Engineering student from reputed institute from Chennai, India, looking for opportunities to excel in whatever I engaged in.

It was 26th November 2020, when I was offered an internship at Tactii and Tact Labs. I was really excited to be part of Tact labs and contribute my best as it was my first internship.

While I was so excited to be part of the…


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